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We’re calling on all of our friends and family to get involved with Charity Week 2023  and support us in raising as much as we can for Orphans and Children in Need.


It is in collective action we can make the biggest difference to children’s lives.


The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “The one who cares for an orphan and myself will be

together in Paradise like this,“ and he (saw) held his two fingers together to illustrate’. [Bukhari]


Have your say on which projects are supported by not only the money you donate, but ALL the money raised worldwide in Charity Week by visiting  


Find out more about Charity Week at, and get in-touch with us via email: [email protected]


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Charity Week South Africa

by Charity Week

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Charity Week

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Campaign Story

Over the past 20 years, communities & campuses have been coming together from across the world, promoting the vision of unity and undertaking a week of united fundraising for orphans and children in need.


Why do we believe so deeply about unity? Because the range of problems and difficulties faced by us all across the world are so many, so varied, so complex – that the only way that we will stand any chance of overcoming them is if we work together.


This year, Charity Week has chosen nature as our theme. 


Nature shows us that unity is not only important for our survival and success, it is essential. Allah inspired the bees to work together, build the world and produce sweetness. Are you like the bee, what you’re supposed to be, a team player? A change maker? A provider? A hard worker? Then join us in this movement for change by uniting to help orphans and needy children around the world. Because #UnityIsNatural

We already know that #CW2023 is going to be the BEST ONE YET! We wish you the very best with your efforts to bring more unity to our communities and the blessings that come!


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